Simply speaking, Graphic Designing is sometimes called visual communication. Graphic Designers creatively use colours, words, images, symbols and other forms of expression to communicate ideas and messages to their viewers.

Design is at the core of all communication and Graphic Design is the fundamental base on which a marcom creation stands. We have generated expertise on a wide range of Graphic Design applications like web pages, logos, banners, flyers, brochures, catalogues, advertisements, envelopes, diaries, visiting cards, other corporate stationery, and software UI (user interface) design.

Graphic designing for us is not a closed door, isolated or behind the curtain activity. We strive hard to keep our Graphic designing a customer facing activity. Firstly, we try to properly comprehend the ethos behind the communication that the client wants to establish. Once this ethos is properly grasped our highly experienced graphic designers choose the colours and images to appropriately communicate that very ethos to the viewers or readers. The characteristic of viewers, therefore, play a very important role in the making of the Graphic Design. Extrapolating the ‘beauty in the eyes of beholder’ principle, our experienced designers picture the people who will see the particular design. That way, the designers try to actually predict whether the designs they created will be practically appreciated.

Also for us at Creation Infoway Graphic Design is both a science and art. We are equally comfortable to play a leading role in defining your brand or corporate identity as we are comfortable to lean on a creative agency for a bigger corporate. Either way designers with us are able to give a full experience to your customers as they move from one creative to another be it a product, catalogue or web page. The congruence of communication is what we specialize in.