In social media marketing or in search engine optimization articles and blogs have a strong and useful purpose. Not long ago, in 1997, the word “weblog” was coined. Then eventually the natural contraction to just “blog” and expansion to verbs like “blogging” and “to blog” followed. To say that we, at Creation Infoway, are writing blogs and articles and leveraging them for our powerful marketing services for a decade now are to say that we are ahead of the curve. We have literally seen blogs and articles emerge as true workhorses of digital marketing. For starters they are very authentic and they are likely to give one’s true experience.

At Creation Infoway we understand the obvious that articles, blogs, and PR submissions enhance your SEO rankings and drive more and more user engagement. But we go beyond in making these initiatives an integral part of high level marketing. We write pretty engaging content for some of our clients and through our blogs and articles connect with them in a much more efficient manner. Our blogs and articles are good enough to elicit response and encourage further sharing among micro community of followers. We also identify brand demographics and write real, entertaining, and informative content targeting the demography to encourage further sharing. This relevant content grows in popularity enhancing the relevance and authority of your site. This further helps in SEO and becomes a trusted source of information on related products and services.

The blogs and articles created by Creation Infoway experts are direct communication. They are simple, easy, timely, relevant, and hence valuable. As they are valuable they will get their rewards mostly in the form of rankings, click through, and ultimate conversions. In digital space our efforts are to lend your brand a much needed voice. The brand is a personality and we make it to communicate with the most important asset your brand has (or intends to have) – your customers. We help you to showcase new products and services, highlight initiatives outside your website, and show people what you are all about. Through these blogs and articles we drive two way conversations with customers, peers and industry experts. Our blogs drive confidence in brands, build relationships with brands, and ultimately generate sales for brands. Blogging also sharpens business focus, builds bridges for public relations and media connects, and keeps you in touch with market pulse and trends. Besides being a cost effective marketing investment, the blogs and articles by Creative Infoway effectively tells your story. They help people gain valuable insight into your company, philosophy, employees, and ideas. It is these ideas that drive true inspiration.