The consumer of today is an always connected consumer. He is constantly consuming information from a variety of sources. And information, in today’s world, is actually content. But we all understand how to generate contents. The question naturally arises that how do we market these contents? A very common question that we at Creation Infoway is faced with is whether content marketing is about pure organic, or social amplifications, or paid? Our answer generally is – all of these and more. Content marketing has evolved from online marketing with which we are somewhat familiar. Over the past few years the media landscape and consumer consumption of the media have changed so rapidly that content its self has changed to keep pace with this media.

At this point of time we realize that just the creation of quality content is not enough. We are competing and literally fighting for the consumers’ attention. Quality content has become kind of a basic health, a must have. So if it’s a fight for attention there has to be a strategy – a Content Marketing Strategy. This is exactly where Creation Infoway and its experienced experts add value. We help you evolve a right strategy for marketing your contents. We help and support you to achieve a strategic approach to create and distribute valuable and relevant content to consistently attract and retain targeted and well defined audience and ultimately to drive profitable customer action. We help you find the right mix of organic and paid content strategy. We realize that this does not happen overnight. In this process we make some optimum investments, we test the response of your consumers, and in collaboration with you we find the right balance to achieve your marketing goals. We also help you to identify new content marketing opportunities and align it with your overall marketing and business objectives.

At Creation Infoway we realize that content marketing is not only tactical in nature. Originating with remarkable and engaging content it has to be promoted and marketed efficiently and effectively. We possess the knowledge and expertise to transform your content marketing as a marketing methodology to attract qualified buyers to your site to help them by offering them helpful information they need to solve their personal and business challenges. Studies show that by 2020 people will manage 85% of their relationship with a company without interacting with a single person of that company. At Creation Infoway we are gearing ourselves for a world like that. In parallel we evaluate traffic analytics (blog success, site visits, page visits, keyword progress, engagement, etc.), evaluate ROI (leads generated, customer conversions, sales), and generate reports (review results and evaluate success) to continuously optimize campaigns for you.