Analytics is generally seen as the process of obtaining an optimal and realistic decision based on existing data. To most people it looks as a science. But we at Creation Infoway understand very well that Website Analytics is a science and an art. The science is the logical part. It analyzes a series of data points and draws a logical and analytical conclusion. That to us is the easier part. It is the art part that encourages and excites us. That is where the experience, knowledge, expertise, and comprehensive exposure of our internet marketers come into play. They are experts of smart judgment. It is this judgment that is precious and makes us at Creation Infoway stand out. We get the big picture right and align our each and every strategy to that picture for obtaining the best performance and results for our clients.

Our main objective when we do Website Analytics is that – can we find something really interesting? When we do that we remain perfectly aware that we are not really looking for earth shattering insights but looking for just some delightful starting points. The starting points for our web analysis comes from asking questions like – what data should be looked at first, what are my customers telling me, or where am I wasting my money.

Our web analytics does not start with any tool like Google Analytics but with the site itself that we are analyzing. We closely examine the site itself, its product pages, the add to cart pages, the sign up pages, read the customer reviews and the visitor comments, and run searches. We get the entire vibe of the site and go deep. We believe that true web analytics starts at your website. We also examine your acquisition strategy and get a balanced portfolio of acquisition channels or sources of traffic. Which one is strong, which one is weak, which one is missing – we ask these kinds of questions. We see the visitor loyalty, stickiness, and recency. We realize that you are spending money to acquire traffic. So we need to understand what is attracting them most. So we see the top pages that are being visited. Similarly we analyze the output metric and find out the content that makes us the most money. We also analyze your creative mandated with acquiring traffic and get a peek into your goals and goal values. We deeply study the campaigns, campaign conversions and look for all opportunities to optimize the marketing budget. One of our favourites here at Creation Infoway is goals and conversions campaign wise. It gives us a proper view of how the campaigns are performing. One of the important things that we try to find in all these analytics is the unknown unknowns – the true insight of active intelligence. We try to see if we are missing anything. Such constant optimization and alert adjustments make your campaigns perform continuously.