User Interface, for us at Creative Infoway, is about anticipation. It is anticipating as to what your customer will like to do next. User Interface needs to have elements that are easy to access and understand and are used to facilitate those actions. UI, for us, kind of brings together concepts from interaction design, visual design, and information architecture.

User Interface in Software Applications is a scientific pattern that we follow at Creative Infoway. One of the primary parameters of this User Interface is Getting Input. Getting the user to input data is a task that should be tailored to the context of use. There are forms that we use to make the user to do this. The second is Navigation. The user needs to locate specific features and content and needs navigation to accomplish this. The third pattern is Dealing with Data. Data can be searched, formatted, overviewed, and browsed in a variety of ways. The fourth is Social where users are allowed to interact, associate, and communicate with other users. Then there are a host of miscellaneous items like Product Page, Pricing, Shopping Cart, Coupon, etc which we help design.

In all the UI that we design, we at Creation Infoway value Clarity. We believe that Clarity is the first and most important job of any interface. This is because when the UI has Clarity it becomes effective; users recognize it; users care about it; users understand it; users can predict what will happen when they use it; and finally interact with it. Clarity inspires confidence and leads to repetitive use.

The other two most important things we do – is to conserve attention and keep users in control. We are living in an era of information overload. So we do not distract at all. We conserve attention at all costs. Also we keep users in control. We almost never confuse or surprise.