Blogs and Forums for Creation Infoway are about creating dialogues. They are exchanging of ideas, getting the views of others and most importantly customers, fellowship and companionship with those for whom we exist, obtain an outside in look, and finally get a grasp on how the customers and people outside perceive our products and services.

With this founding and nurturing spirit we get into blogs and forums development. Corporate blogs and forums, the ones that we specialize in, are known for their interactivity. We allow your visitors to leave comments for you and even leave messages for one another. We enable GUI widgets for users to leave these messages. Such kind of interactivity distinguishes our blogs from other static websites and are so original and live that they create a moment of truth by themselves. They become so live that our blogs are not to be seen as one sided monologues of corporate or business houses. They are to be seen as social networking events by themselves. They are avenues to form deep connects and bonds with their readers and other bloggers. Of course we allow proper discretion for high profile bloggers (like a company’s CEO) for proper response management. The blogs that we create are primarily textual in nature. But we incorporate images, MP3, video, audio, and other forms of media in our blogs to create impact and connect.

Most of our blogs and these interaction boards evolve into full scale internet forums. These forums can be activity specific and function as purposeful knowledge repositories. From our side Creation Infoway carries out proper archiving, user management, thread management, and other forum specific activities to make the information retrievable, searchable and meet the purpose of a basic knowledge management depository. If and when required we can give proper structure to the forum and bring in other value added services.