We have heard that content is king. No doubt about that. We are more and more moving into an era where richer the content richer is the website. Quite literally. But if content is so powerful, it makes sense to ask ourselves the question – who will manage the content? The answer should be – you or anyone designated by you to do this job. This is where CMS or Content Management System comes in.

A CMS is an application, which is most likely web based, that offers a group of users or a single user the power to do a host of activities on a particular website’s content. Sometimes a group of users will have different authority levels in reflection of the duties they are asked to perform. The activities that a CMS performs can be – create / edit / publish / archive web pages or articles or press releases or blogs, update event calendars, edit catalogues like description / specification / price / inventory / photo, edit orders and print packing slips or invoices, view statistics and reports, view site data, and assign permission levels to other users as site administrator. An Enterprise Content Management System (ECM / ECMS) is an application with a full scale capability to automatically conduct such activities as listed above.

Whether it is a CMS / ECMS the main purpose is to eliminate human intervention in managing contents. But the pitfall in this exercise is that even of the functionality is achieved the usability experience is grossly compromised. We at Creation Infoway bring in that design, branding and usability experience. Whether we are using Apache, Drupal or Jumla or any other CMS software or any other out of the box solution we make sure that it is properly customized to preserve the branding and personality.