We have seen how we are into the mobile revolution. People no longer want a mobile phone. They want a smartphone. Interbrand estimates that 70% of the world population will own a smartphone by the end of 2016. Market leader Samsung with Apple and supported by players like HTC, Sony, Lenovo, RIM (Blackberry), LG and others have revolutionized the market. They have already shipped more than a billion handsets and the growth is quite large. Along with the devices the leading operating systems Android (from the house of Google) and iOS (from the house of Apple) have grown to achieve leadership position. Android has already achieved more than 50% market share. It came into being in 2007. Till 2013 had more than 1 billion Android applications published and more than 50 billion apps downloaded. On top of that a 2015 survey found out that 40% of full-time professional developers see Android as their priority target platform. This is comparable to Apple’s iOS at 37% with both platforms far above others. iOS the other mobile operating system also came into existence in 2007 and have more than 20% market share. In tablets iOS have dominant share of the market at almost 60%. Beginning 2015, the Apple store had 1.4 million iOS applications of which 725,000 were native for iPads. These mobile apps have collectively been downloaded more than 100 billion times.

Creation Infoway sees potential and business opportunity in these and possesses high levels of capability to develop Apps and Games in Android and iOS as is desired by the client. Speed and user experience are supreme in case of Games. Our experienced development team ensures a fantastic user experience. Through we generally develop the games in stages we remain with your team through all the phases. We take you through the pre-production, prototypes, design documents, and others right up to the game live stage. To support you we have a full scale team of designers, artists, programmers, testers and others.

Our experienced team helps you to make a good business case. We make a plan for – marketing and discoverability, control where it matters i.e. payments, update of the game from anywhere, control the analytics, manage customer relationship, and of course play the game from anywhere. Our experienced team also sees the web technology side and applies all kinds of APIs.