WordPress is the world’s most renowned content management system. It is based on PHP and MySQL. At the beginning of 2015 WordPress has been used by more than 23% of the top 10 million sites of the world. WordPress is also the top most blogging system in the world with 60 million websites under it. WordPress features include a plug in architecture and a template system. We at Creation Infoway capture this and other usability features to come up with a powerful design.

WordPress is easy to use. The platform is quite powerful and we help you to create and manage the platform design. Sometimes, with our experience, it takes only minutes to make the site up and running. We also make changes to the site quite easily. Creation Infoway can help you to point your own domain, existing or otherwise, to the WordPress.com in a few easy steps. The designers at Creation Infoway help you to align the best theme from the WordPress library of themes. WordPress features hundreds of high quality themes. Our developers also help you to turn your WordPress site into an online store. They will help you in adding a merchandise feature with the powerful ecommerce features. When you tie up with Creation Infoway you are assured of top class service round the clock. Our engineers interact through chats, mails, messaging and practically all forms of communication to ensure that your site is up and running with the best functionality possible. WordPress has quite a few mobile themes. Our developers utilize these themes to ensure that your site has the same kind of user experience on any device. We also help you to upkeep your site on the go.

When you are selecting WordPress and Creation Infoway you are selecting the very best. Jointly, we can practically create anything. You can build a business site, blog, online shop, portfolio, and others. Practically, the sky is the ultimate limit. That is why we have been trusted by the world’s biggest brands and industries. Like TIME, CNN, TED, TechCrunch and many others we can also create a high impact site on WordPress.