Today, IT service providers are spread all around the globe. All of them are making big promises and showing you big dreams. To choose the best among them is a real tough job. The selection of the service provider as well as your company’s future growth depends on the criteria; you fix to select a firm as your service provider.

We have shortlisted some criteria to select the service provider as mentioned below:

  1. Relevance of Service

The first criteria to choose a vendor should be the relevance of service. The firm should be providing the same services which you are looking for. Sometimes, because of the recommendation of some friend or the convincing power of the marketing guy of the company, the service spectrum of the company is ignored. This may harm the reputation of the organization in future and you can suffer a lot.

  1. Quick Support

The service provider should be active enough to give you quick response and resolve your problems as soon as possible. Although this is not necessary that they have to provide 24×7 support but they should provide quick solution to the problem you are facing.

  1. Experience and Work Strategy

Before selecting a vendor, you must know about the Work strategy as well as the T&C of the service firm. The experience, in similar type of projects, is also a key factor in selection. Choose the vendor which has clean work strategy and can work according to your convenience.

  1. Budget

Budget is always an important aspect while outsourcing a job. While selecting the vendor, first thing comes in mind is “Low Budget” but you might suffer a lot if you always go with low budget. Like some big market players we need to choose a vendor who is committing more facilities and whose reputation in market is good. Budget may vary a bit but there should be no compromises with the quality of service.

  1. Reputation of the Vendor

The market reputation of the vendor firm should be good. For this you should talk to the previous clients of the company and get there feedback. Some companies put client testimonials and reviews on their websites. You can contact the clients and find out if they are really happy with the services of the vendor.

  1. Market Sustainability

The vendor should be able to sustain in the market even in the recession period. For this following factors may be helpful-

  1. Team size
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Growth facts of the company over the years.
  4. Social media popularity.
  5. CEO and top management team

By : Creation infoway