Branding, for us at Creation Infoway, is reputation building and management. Ever wondered why a particular brand instils natural confidence and why some other brand (with almost similar amount of branding drive) generates doubts. A brand is one of the surest ways to create sustainable competitive advantage. An advantage that naturally translates into more conversions, more revenues and hence more profits.

Corporate branding is the sum total or a careful mix of experiences, identity, image, reputation, communication and can hardly be ‘done’. But it can surely be calibrated to achieve particular goals and objectives through structured management. Creation Infoway excels in that. Whereas marketers and branders are at best traditional in their approach, Creation Infoway focuses on technology in any Corporate branding and knows how to best leverage it for success. We may not create once in a lifetime disruptions in technology. But we know how to ride those waves to bring about disruptions in our own business.

For example, in contemporary world, technology has been one of the biggest disruptors. Technology enables us to address expandable markets. In one domain of technology 70% of world population will own smartphones by the end of 2016. The opportunity is huge as the world is already witnessing it. Smartphones and the subsequent Apps phenomenon have already given birth to multi-billion dollar brands with global reach. At Creation Infoway we incorporate technology in Corporate branding and try to keep it at the centre of branding strategy and initiative. By doing that, we achieve sustainability in our banding proposition. This is an important characteristic of our Corporate branding promise. Sustainability brings about longevity. We bring this about not only by capturing new markets rapidly but also by being able to inherently evolve faster than your more entrenched competitors. This is the true capability of our Corporate branding.