Email marketing is a very common form of digital marketing. It is arguably the most ancient form of internet marketing. This has prompted some people to assume that email marketing is dead. This became more believable with the quantum growth of social media and social media marketing. But we at Creation Infoway believe that Email Marketing is far from dead. Almost everyone who is in our digital radar has an email. Think of the potential it possesses. It is the approach, the user experience and back end analytics which have changed. There are new tactical ways to improve our strategy and the way we market through emails. But the potential of this potent channel remain unchanged.

One primary thing that we at Creation Infoway remember while conducting Email Marketing is – basic manners. We always remember, without fail, that no email marketing was ever built without getting permission. There are many ways to do this. The most basic thing that people need to be assured is that it is for their good by offering savings and deals and that their email id will not be spammed. Since it is permission based, we at Creation Infoway are high on digital ethics and try our best to time it right. Through our immense experience we know the best way to pitch it right and properly manage expectations and deliverables. We realize quite well that blind offers may deny us continued permission. We believe in strong and timely follow up efforts.

Since our effort is to help build a list which is permission based we work with you to make a list building tactics. This depends on your speed, expectations and budget. By our experience we have found a four pronged strategy to be the most effective – advertising, affiliates, speaking, and guest blogging. The good and bad part of advertising is that we have to strike a balance between being expensive and incredibly good and consistent results. We have full expertise in mixing all the four strategies properly and come up with a strategy to build your email list and also keep them hooked. This is part of our relationship building with subscribers. We fully realize that if we forget to build these relationships then our offers might look pushy and our content too distant.

Our email marketers at Creation Infoway are fully capable of guiding you properly and do proper hand holding with accountability. We help you to take crucial decisions like – using newsletters, testing subject lines, segment and personalize your emails, use of imagery and graphics, powering your call to action, and provide means for social sharing. Another thing we continuously do is analytics. There are three basic parameters we closely monitor for every campaign and improve. They are – open rate, click through rate (CTR) and unsubscribes. Through the monitoring of these parameters and more we continually improve the performance of your campaigns.